The workplace is changing

As more tasks move toward individuals choosing where and how they work, central offices are becoming hubs for communication.

As office documents become more digitized and the volume of data increases, centralized management and better access to assets is ever more vital.

As remote access and cloud integration become more sophisticated, the need for security is increasingly critical.

Tomorrow's Workplace Today

Born from our desire to rethink the role of multifunctional devices in business, our next generation technology sits at the heart of your connected environment.

Unleash the endless possibilities and experience Tomorrow’s Workplace Today.

Workplace Transformation - What is next?

IDC, a premier global provider of market intelligence, analyse the fundamental aspects that drive office work and explore the specific benefits of transforming the workplace to adapt to social and technological shifts currently taking place.

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Workplace Transformation - What is next? An IDC Infobrief sponsored by Konica Minolta

Introducing the bizhub iSeries from Konica Minolta

Introducing the bizhub iSeries from Konica Minolta

Born from our desire to rethink the way multifunctional devices work for business, our next generation of smart technology sits at the heart of your connected environment. 

The iSeries simply and securely brings together people, places and devices to change the way you work.


With a large touchscreen operation panel, AI functionality, voice control and a display that users can customise with apps from Konica Minolta MarketPlace, i-Series is intelligently simple.

It also links seamlessly with teamspace and Workplace Hub – our edge computing platform that puts all your IT in one place.



The next generation bizhub i-Series comes with the highest security standards built in. The i-Series is ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with remote backup and offers end-point security. 

With our bizhub SECURE services, we tailor the security settings to your needs, so your data is fully protected. And with integrated anti-virus software, it ensures no virus can harm your business.


The i-Series works with everything you do. Our Worldwide Remote Service Platform provides a trouble-free experience and minimum downtime.

To ensure continuous and full use, i-Series intelligently collects data for self-diagnostic and remote maintenance and even predicts the optimum replacement time for parts and consumables.

Tomorrow's workplace today

Tomorrow's workplace today

Simple. Secure. Smarter.

Introducing the bizhub i-Series from Konica Minolta

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Embrace the Workplace of the Future

Both the A4 and A3 models are inspired by the same contemporary design and connected technology of our edge IoT platform, Workplace Hub. And as both work in the same intelligently simple way, there’s no need to waste valuable resources on training your staff.

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i-Series is unlimited possibilities

To extend the workflow capabilities of the bizhub i-Series, and boost flexibility within your office, we developed Dispatcher Suite Solution.

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Make time for your core business

We’ve simplified, secured and enhanced what technology can do for your business. Inspired by the way people interact with tech, we’vecompletely redesigned the user experience.

Explore the smarter connected office.

Endless possibilities are created when our next generation IoT-enabled bizhub i-Series sits at the heart of your connected environment. 



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Always current and connected to evolving needs - Seamlessly linking people and places to give a new dimension to document workflow and security management.

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Eco-friendly for more efficiency - Our new eco settings, low temperature fusing toner and weight detection sensor combine to significantly reduce the consumption of energy and paper.

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Enhance workflows and boost productivity - Eliminate repetitive tasks, cut costs and reduce manual and human errors with seamlessly integrated business applications and cloud solutions. 

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Always safe. Always in control - Making sure your business is fully protected with our Bizhub SECURE services and optional BitDefender anti-virus engine, protecting your business and data inside and out.

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Simple, intuitive user experience - Tiltable, floating 10” touchscreen panel displays smartphone style functionalities that come with assistive features such as vibration feedback and voice control.


Smart and Secure - Highest security standards built in. Ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with remote backup, end-point security and built in bizhub vCare™, ensuring uninterrupted use 24/7.

The workplace is increasingly complex. At Konica Minolta, we strive to make things simple.

The i-Series simply and securely brings together people, places and devices to change the way you work.

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Unleash the endless possibilities

Experience Tomorrow’s Workplace Today with our next generation technology sitting at the heart of your connected environment.