ABOUT genARate

Discover endless print possibilities with genARate. We make augmented print available to everyone. Whether you’re an agency, professional printer, or marketing department, we’ve made it easy for you to create your own augmented print experiences and benefit from Print. In Motion.

Our cutting-edge tool gives you everything you need to create compelling, timely and relevant interactive print experiences. What’s more, you can deploy your new content to your mobile app automatically and immediately start to measure the success of your campaign with the built-in reporting tool.

We work hard to make business better for you – and ensure your customers can benefit from the most engaging communications possible.

Drag-and-drop interactive content

No coding or previous experience needed

Built-in analytics

Measure app usage and user engagemen with your content

Hosted service

Get started within minutes

Branded offering

Make it your own

If you have any questions about how genARate could help you, or require assistance with anything,

get in touch by emailing info@genarate.com