Prepare to be surprised and delighted. See how genARate can transform a standard piece of 2D printed material into an engaging 3D experience – right in front of your eyes. But remember, genARate isn’t just about making print better. It also enhances digital communications, helping to support wider digital transformation initiatives.

The genARate app is free to download and simple to use, so why not give it a try. Within a matter of moments, you’ll be able to see how we’ve given traditional printed materials a fresh new meaning within your marketing mix – and created a wide range of new business opportunities to explore.

Step 1:

Download our free app

Find our app at the Apple store, or Google Play store, and download it for free. Within a few seconds it’ll be installed on your device and ready to use. Simply open the app and familiarise yourself with its functions.

Step 2:

Point your device at a trigger image

To see genARate in action, use the app to scan a trigger image – this is an image that’s clearly marked with an AR icon. We’ve provided a selection of experiences to test, which can be downloaded on our demos page.

Step 3:

Experience the magic of AR

Once you’ve scanned the trigger image, you’ll be able to experience the exciting additional content that comes to life in front of your eyes. You can interact with the content and understand exactly what makes genARate such a powerful tool.


It’s one thing to talk about genARate, it’s quite another to see it in action.

Click on the link below to download some AR enhanced assets and experience the magic.

View Demos


Give genARate a try today – it’s free to download.

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