Understanding the potential of augmented print.

genARate offers simple and efficient integration of content, allowing users to consume new information instantly. It’s designed to help you create additional business opportunities by offering an immediate route to purchase a product or explore or related items – and you can then accurately track ROI with easily measurable analytics and prove the success of your interactive communications.

Our platform provides a cost-effective way to experiment with AR print capabilities, thanks to its low costs and limited associated risks, making it a great way to start understanding the possibilities of AR print campaigns and content.


Web based

Work quickly and efficiently with no desktop software required. Simply log in to genARate studio in your web browser of choice and let your creativity go wild.

No coding required

There’s no need to delve into line after line of HTML, or anything else. Quickly create immersive experiences using in-built tools and drag and drop functionality.

Smart analytics

See exactly what your users are seeing, what percentage are clicking through and calculate your ROI, all from one powerful yet simple suite of tools.

Multilingual support

Whatever language you or your audience speak, genARate is ready to support you.

Custom apps

Publish content for the public genARate app, or add genARate functionality to your own existing app.

Built for teams

Multiple user accounts can be set up for each plan. Training and consultation is also available to get your team up to speed as quickly as possible.


Add your AR content quickly and efficiently, with no need for a desktop tool, making use of our powerful image recognition software, along with custom HTML input and animation tools. Once you’ve augmented your content, manage it and see the impact it’s having using our suite of supporting tools.

With support in place for images, videos, buttons, 3D models, text and HTML, you can pick and mix any options to suit your work and thoroughly test it before publishing. You can even update the AR elements post-launch, whenever you choose to.

Store any of your created assets or files on dedicated cloud storage and make use of genARate powered apps that automatically connect to the cloud for the fastest possible delivery to the end-user. You can brand your own version of the genARate app or incorporate it into your existing one.

With support for multiple users at once, along with SLA and support, you can get all the help and training you need to get started with genARate, whenever you need it.