Adwise, with their unique technology from Konica Minolta, has become a game-changer in the Georgian printing market

Tbilisi, Georgia | 11 October 2021

The first industrial printing system for digital embellishment, MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL-S, was installed at the company ADwise Group in Georgia

MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL-S is the industrial printing system for digital embellishment. This machine turns printed jobs into spectacular and irresistible printouts, which will immediately gain the full attention of customers.

ADwise Group is one of the biggest producers in the printing industry in the Georgian market. “This year, despite the pandemic circumstances, we decided to make a large investment with Konica Minolta and together bring completely new and unique technology into the Georgian market. We are ready to enable small- and medium-sized businesses to implement new solutions for their packaging, labels, and promotional materials. Thanks to the high-quality effects obtained with this device, Georgian companies will be able to make much higher quality and effective ideas on their packaging and labels as well as better present their products on store shelves, and moreover, compete with imported goods,” explains Beka Bubuteishvili, the founder of ADwise Group.

Beka adds, “I dreamed of providing colleagues, partners and customers with all the advantages of innovative technologies that the modern world uses successfully today.”

According to Giorgi Galuashvili, the sales representative of Konica Minolta in Georgia, Adwise, with their MGI, has become a game-changer in the Georgian print market.

“This is a serious and huge project. We have been preparing it for several months and this installation is just one of the stages of its implementation. There is a long way to go to create a digital market, sustainable demand, and joint growth. This installation will bring much more digital page volume to the Georgian market and allow us to install more print systems in the market,” says Giorgi.

“MGI equipment is the pinnacle of engineering. These technologies transform spot foiling and varnishing into a simple and affordable digital process. You no longer need complicated pre-printing works and ordering of special additional parts such as plates and stamps. Embellished print products can be ready to use in just 15 minutes. Adwise will offer the Georgian market short and medium as well as long runs of premium-quality packaging, labels, or other marketing products on demand. The first owner of MGI in Ukraine became known as a true revolutionist in the market. I guess Adwise will follow suit,” adds Evgeniy Shilyaev, Sales Director of Konica Minolta in Ukraine and Georgia.
It should be reminded that Konica Minolta entered the Georgian market in 2019 to assist companies to rethink their productivity and efficiency.

About ADwise Group
Adwise Group has operated in the Georgian market since 2008. For a long time, the company provided a full range of design and advertisement services in the shortest possible time. Since 2014, the company has become a major manufacturer of packaging and advertising products. They focus on achieving the business goals of small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.

About Konica Minolta
Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia, based in Tbilisi, is a part of global Konica Minolta Inc., Tokyo, Japan. Konica Minolta Business Solutions Georgia has been working since May 2019 and focusing on services business development based on a systematic approach.

As a leading global services provider in the field of IT and document processes as well as digital production printing solutions, the company excels in services-led business consulting, implementation and management, and provides a range of world-leading printing systems and solutions. 

Konica Minolta's Igniting Print Possibilities offering helps printers, converters and brand owners maximise workflow automation to increase efficiency. The company delivers consultancy in all communication matters as well as top-of-the-line production, packaging and label printers. Its finishing devices create print products that stand out and create added value. Konica Minolta has established itself as the production printing market leader for more than a decade in Europe (InfoSource).

To support customers optimally with powerful and sustainable solutions, technology leader Konica Minolta continually invests in research and development work.