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Global News

Global News

Quocirca names Konica Minolta as a Major Player in Cloud Print Services Market Landscape 2022 report

30. Jun 2022

In its latest report ‘The Cloud Print Services Market Landscape, 2022’ industry analyst Quocirca has classified Konica Minolta as a ‘Major Player’ in the field of Cloud Print Services, stating, “Konica Minolta is developing a strong service portfolio to support clients at various stages on their cloud print journey. The company is aligning its print hardware, software and services offering to support the post-pandemic hybrid workforce.” The report also states, “Konica Minolta’s cloud...

The unstoppable rise in inkjet production

Langenhagen | 19. Apr 2022

The unstoppable rise in inkjet production has been spotlighted by Konica Minolta as it continues to help customers on their digital transformation across commercial and industrial printing markets. Digital technology enables access to many features that customers in the commercial print, packaging and industrial sectors seek for profitable applications.

Quocirca names Konica Minolta ‘Leader’ in Print Security

11. Jan 2022

In its latest report ‘The Print Security Landscape, 2022’[1] industry analyst Quocirca has classified Konica Minolta as a ‘Leader’ in the field of print security, due to its comprehensive product portfolio and expertise: “Quocirca believes that beyond its traditional print security offerings, Konica Minolta’s deep expertise across IT services strongly sets it apart from some of its key competitors, particularly in the SME market.” At the same time, the report underlines the importance of...

Adwise, with their unique technology from Konica Minolta, has become a game-changer in the Georgian printing market

Tbilisi, Georgia | 11. Oct 2021

The first industrial printing system for digital embellishment, MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL-S, was installed at the company ADwise Group in Georgia