Enabling Carbon Neutrality

Reduce your carbon footprint

Reduce your carbon footprint

Konica Minolta offsets unavoidable CO2 emissions produced during office and production printing at reasonable prices. We pay for manufacturing and transportation of the product, while the customer covers the cost of compensating for emissions produced while the device is being used. The customer is provided with an emissions certificate stating how much CO2 has been saved, as evidence of the carbon offsetting. 

The five simple steps to successful carbon offsetting with Konica Minolta are as follows:

  1. Apply for the Carbon Neutrality programme
  2. Print as usual with Konica Minolta devices
  3. Konica Minolta calculates the total CO2 emissions of each device over its lifecycle
  4. Konica Minolta compensates for those emissions with a carbon offset project
  5. You are issued with an emissions certificate stating the CO2 emissions saved

The benefits to our customers of doing his include fulfilling their own environmental targets, reducing their carbon footprint, proving their commitment to protecting the environment and improving corporate image. 

In the Enabling Carbon Neutrality Programme, Konica Minolta has partnered with the international climate protection expert ClimatePartner, thereby ensuring the transparency and resilience of the programme. Together with ClimatePartner, we support a Gold Standard-certified carbon offset project using wind energy in Vader Piet, Aruba, in the Caribbean Sea. By utilising the island's wind resources, the project reduces emissions of greenhouse gases by approximately 150,000 t of CO2 each year. Since the Enabling Carbon Neutrality programme was launched in 2015, its participants have compensated for more than 16 million kg of CO2. This figure includes customers throughout Europe, several events and fairs, and internal compensation.

The CO2 calculator below lets you calculate your potential emissions savings:

Climate Protection with SampleCompany Ltd.

Move the slider to get a comparison of your carbon emissions.

t CO2

The amount corresponds to ...

... kilometres driven with a passenger car
... wash cycles (60°C)
... the yearly CO2-capture of beech trees
... the production of pairs of running shoes
... the production of kilograms beef (raw)
... the melting of square metres summerly ice in the Arctic
... economy flights from London to New York
... the yearly carbon footprint of average global citizens

Zuiderzeemuseum success story

The museum decided to join forces with Konica Minolta to create a sustainable document management system by using the Enabling Carbon Neutrality service

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