Intelligent Information Management

M-Files is an intelligent information management system that will enable you to benefit fully from the quality, integrity and accuracy of your critical data – whether that content is located in M-Files itself or in another business system. M-Files puts a wide range of powerful tools for finding, editing, sharing and organizing your company’s content and information at your disposal – as well as the new benefits Artificial Intelligence can bring to your office.

Companies today face fierce competition in all that they do, of course. Under such testing conditions, it is crucial that organizations of all kinds optimize and increase the efficiency and productivity of their business processes continuously if they are to remain a step ahead of their competitors.

Deploying an intelligent information management system allows organizations to benefit from the quality, integrity and accuracy of their critical information. Information management can also be used as a means of controlling risk, guaranteeing compliance, enabling consistent workflows and operating procedures, and harmonizing processes.

Unlike traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, M-Files lets organizations manage their content and information irrespective of whether that information is located within M-Files itself or other business systems or repositories. Users of the system benefit from the powerful tools it offers for finding, editing, sharing and organizing content and information, as well as the advantages artificial intelligence can offer in automating some of the key office processes.

M-Files Overview

M-Files enterprise information management (EIM) solutions improve and simplify how businesses manage documents and other information in order to become more productive, more efficient and stay compliant. Find, share, and secure documents and information quickly and easily with M-Files -- even in the most demanding, compliance-driven industries.


  • Helps you find your information – fast – by letting you reach informed decisions based on your company’s latest data.
  • Let’s you access any relevant data across a range of different repositories using a single platform.
  • Cuts your costs by offering fast access to this company-relevant data.
  • Increases your company’s productivity by creating accelerated, transparent workflows.
  • Promotes interdepartmental collaboration.
  • Easy, intuitive handling.
  • Scalable solution.
  • Highly flexible thanks to mobile applications for iOS, Android and an offline mode.
  • Uniform user interface, no matter what device.
  • Fast ROI = fast profits.



Simple to deploy

  • No need to move, migrate or convert data.
  • No preparation, organization or advance tagging of files.
  • No custom coding or complex integration required.
  • Deploys very quickly, so value is realized immediately.

Uniform user interface

  • Lets you manage files from any system or repository using a single view, no matter which device you are using –  from mobile devices to web applications and desktop clients.

Single sign-in

  • Access to all information from single point of entry, regardless of data source.

Personalisation of results

  • Creates custom scopes, saving favourites and tag results.
  • Creates search scope configurations to individually search results with specific attributes and locations on your behalf.
  • Creates favorites to keep track of your most important files.
  • Tags your results with personal labels so they can be found again quickly.

Metadata driven

  • Capable of managing both structured and unstructured data.
  • Metadata are enriched using automatic metadata suggestions.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) simplifies the indexing of data, automatically proposing metadata attributes such as class, type, customer, project and case.

Active Directory integration

  • What is shown is based on access rights.
  • Permission managed automatically.
  • Secure access: permission are based on what is stored in a file.
  • M-Files Active Directory integration automatically applies organisational changes to individual users as they take on new roles and tasks.

OCR and ICR engine

  • Data are extracted from scanned documents using OCR (Optical Character Recognition), barcodes, patch codes and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition). Verification rules mean accuracy is improved.

Intelligent workflows

  • Features resubmission system, including substitution rules and control over deadlines.


  • Enables you to share your content with colleagues and external partners quickly and easily.
  • Quick, easy co-authoring function.
  • Automatic Version Management.
  • Enables two people work on same file simultaneously without duplicating content.
  • With Version Control, you know (not just hope) the document you access is the most up-to-date version of that file.

Offline function

  • M-Files can be used without the need for a WLAN or network connection.
  • The program lets you work in offline mode when viewing, editing and saving documents.
  • As soon as network is available again, the edited data is automatically updated.

Preview in search results

  • Previews your most important office documents within search application (including slide decks, document, pictures and e-mails).
  • No longer downloads potentially corrupted files, saving you huge amounts of time.

Modular structure

  • Components can be added, removed and changed quickly and easily.
  • System simple to install, maintain and upgrade.
  • Easy to configure.



Accounts payable

  • Manages and processes invoices and receipts, purchase orders, financial statements and tax documents, increasing operational efficiency and minimising risk.

Contract lifecycle management

  • Keeps contracts securely organised, ensuring the right people can access the right version of any contract quickly and easily irrespective of their location and the device being used.

Document management

  • Permission-controlled system lets users access files instantly from any device, whilst also ensuring version control and avoiding any duplication of content.

Enterprise Content Management

  • Manages all your business content, regardless of its format or origin. Converts unmanaged data into managed data within minutes.

Human Resources

  • Manages and tracks recruitment, training, performance appraisals, payroll and benefits to maximise operational efficiency and knowledge; protects sensitive information.

Invoice processing

  • Automates and tracks reviewing and approval of invoices and other financial business processes, ensuring invoices are paid on time.

Quality and compliance

  • Manages audit processes, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), non-conformance reports and Corrective And Preventative Actions (CAPAs); particularly useful for companies in highly-regulated industries.

Project management

  • Defines simple rules for content visibility, task deadlines and ownership, streamlining project management process as a whole.

Records management

  • Manages records from point of conception through to their eventual archival and disposal.

Sales and Marketing automation

  • Integrates with existing CRM to create link to critical content such as proposals, presentations, contracts, POs, invoices, quotes and e-mail.


  • Tracks and reports on training by managing staff learning requirements, certifications and other training tasks.


  • Is metadata-driven (what vs. where).
  • Can be deployed flexibly in a cloud, on your business premises, or in hybrid format.
  • Is simple, yet highly configurable to ensure all business processes are supported.
  • Is instantly familiar (integrated with Windows), and integrates with other software quickly and easily.
  • Can be accessed on all devices.
  • Offers automatic updates.
  • Is available in cloud, on-site and hybrid versions.
  • Meets compliance standards, with all data backed up using a comprehensive authorization concept.
  • Offers audit-proof archiving subject to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Information management at its best

In today’s competitive business climate, the key is to identify the data that is useful so that we can make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.

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