Workplace Go – when collaboration becomes natural

Organisational workplace boundaries are a thing of the past

Small and medium-sized companies need to manage a variety of processes in order to grow their business. Sharing knowledge, organising processes and collaboration is becoming ever more relevant for SMBs in order to promote efficiency, remote working and creativity. The need for a properly managed digital workplace solution increases, especially when interlinked working becomes necessary. All SMBs therefore have to find the right secure solution for their own needs.

Working together digitally without boundaries on any device

With Workplace Go, Konica Minolta addresses the needs of SMBs in that field through a solution that is highly adaptable and scalable. However, its functionalities also match the requirements of large enterprises. The IT specialist deploys a SharePoint template as an all-in-one solution that unites all features for personal organisation, productivity, communication, collaboration with internal and external colleagues and social networking in one platform. The Workplace Go personal dashboard powerful applications concentrates all information in one place and at the command of the user.

Your way of modern collaboration

Addressing the requirements of SMBs, Konica Minolta offers a fast, personalised and evolving solution. Workplace Go builds on the market leading Microsoft Office 365 collaborative suite. It includes tools to boost communication, collaboration, social networking and productivity such as a fully customisable intranet, for example.

Once installed, Workplace Go is a configurable digital workplace that is able to deliver all the information and tools employees need to perform better and organise their information especially –but not exclusively – when working in a team. It enables instant access to all projects from any device while maintaining the highest level of security. The most common communication scenarios and structures can be incorporated within the user experience without any problem. It also offers quick and globally uniform access to all required content, applications and notifications of the system as well as a tailored search experience through SharePoint and Delve. Workplace Go enables unique content management, as users can follow their contributions in terms of likes, views, versions or the current approval status directly in their personal dashboard, where they also have full integration of well-known business software (such as Power BI, Dynamaics CRM, Outlook, Skype for business, Planner, Groups) and social networks (such as Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Office 365 Video)

Workplace Go delivers a digital workplace platform for SMBs that is ready to grow with the organisation to future-proof your systems and, since Workplace Go is provided as SaaS, high costs for hardware are eliminated, too.

Workplace Go – when collaboration becomes natural

Workplace Go – when collaboration becomes natural

  • Konica Minolta provides an all-in-one-solution for personal organisation, productivity, communication, collaboration with internal and external colleagues, social networking and intranet in order to address the needs of SMBs regarding their modern digital workplace environment
  • Personalised SharePoint can be provided in record time and Workplace Go is kept up to date automatically
  • Workplace Go is able to conveniently incorporate all functionalities needed for the user in a tailor-made solution on any device, while offering maximum security