Smarter outbound mail


Smarter proof of delivery your way

Cut down on manual handling of paper and automate repetitive tasks

As a mail room manager, you need to ensure that the mail is sent out on time. You struggle with challenging requests and still have to satisfy internal and external customers. In addition to large mail runs, there are many one-off mailing requests. Manual handling of these tasks is repetitive, mundane and costly.

With OL Connect, be more efficient and save time

Save on postage and consumable costs

Sending mail is expensive—managing returns, more so. But several optimization options are available. Clean addresses by integrating with third-party solutions to ensure you never mail an invoice that comes back unpaid again. Sort the mail for the post office and receive a discount. Restructure your mail pieces to reduce pages and weight, for even more savings.

With OL Connect, lower your per item postage costs!

Transition to electronic mail at your own pace

Every year, electronic delivery becomes more and more popular. And yet you haven't managed to make the switch.

With OL Connect, go multichannel and let your customers decide how they want to you to communicate with them!

How a flexible outbound mail process works

Clean addresses by integrating with third-party solutions and sort the mail for the post office.

Re-engineer your invoices in multiple output formats using information mined from the original document. Enhance your documents with colour, barcodes, graphs, targeted information and tables.

Combine multiple documents from various sources in a single envelope. The enveloping process can be implemented to generate batches for mailings that fall within different postage and weight classes.

The inserter reads the OMR marks to control folding and insertion. Process validation (ensuring the right document is in the right envelope) is also possible through third-party integration. You can transition to electronic mail at your own pace because the software handles both print and email.


Why choose OL™ ?

At Objectif Lune, we believe in a step-by-step approach. Mid-sized businesses can’t afford to overhaul their systems and processes with one project that involves a stressful switch-over period. With OL Connect, you can implement most improvements in small increments with total flexibility.

  • Software with the largest installed based in our industry
  • Enterprise-level technology tailored to mid-sized companies
  • Fast implementation at a cost well below the average
  • Our offices around the world provide local support and maintenance
  • Our user-friendly software puts you in control of your processes and documents

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