Invoicing & workflow automation

Improving business processes

Enhanced efficiency for your document management

Invoicing and archiving continue to be both paper and labour-intensive processes, often performed by an external service provider...By automating these processes via an efficient document management system - from document receipt and generation through to archiving – it is possible to increase both efficiency and productivity and realise significant cost savings.

Benefits of Invoicing & workflow automation solutions:

  • Less time spent manually sorting, matching and filing documents
  • Streamlined mail preparation through the use of barcodes and OMR marks
  • Save money by removing the need for pre-printed documents: invoices, reminders and other documents are created (including logo and address details) in accordance with organisational branding guidelines
  • Faster retrieval of digitally archived information
  • Less manual work, faster updates, less waste and fewer items held in stock due to intelligent content creation
  • Ability to distribute documents digitally and via post
  • Define digital workflows in order to process documents more efficiently and automatically trigger archiving, invoice printing and other processes
  • Use intelligent paper forms to merge paper-based and digital processes