The end of unstructured ways of the collaborative workplace

Our workplace has fundamentally changed in the past years. Ever more workflows and processes are built around interconnected teams and different departments. Organisations have to provide their employees with the necessary solutions without having to place an additional burden on IT departments or their budgets. Considering this aspect, Konica Minolta provides solutions and technology in the field of document management and sharing, communities management, project management and discussions feeds/instant messaging ensuring that organisations' work processes and documents are accessible remotely – independent of location, time and device. The solutions enable individual flexibility and mobility in order to bring employees closer together.

The sheer flood of data and information paired with the high number of different tasks result in unstructured ways of working. Unclear priorities, varying levels of knowledge among peers and an inability to receive timely and accurate status information let us communicate not in the best way and hinder the work progress and make it hard to coordinate teams for a better teamwork. Besides, the geographical diversity of locations require systems that make collaboration effortless and seamless.  


Effective collaboration drives productivity and gives companies a critical, leading edge. Many decision makers see the positive effects of social collaboration platforms, which is why they increasingly want to implement them. 

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Digital collaboration: addressing the challenges SMEs face 

Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, taking on the creation of a digital collaborative environment and a modern workplace for their workers by themselves entails big challenges:  There is a lack of appropriate resources and budget. 


In addition, the solutions must be holistic. Simply adding collaboration software as an additional layer that is only semi- or non-compatible with existing solutions can lead to an opaque tangle and have negative consequences for the collaborative user experience and the efficiency of the system itself. 


Businesses also require scalable and flexible solutions that adapt to the changing needs of the business. 


With our holistic approach, Konica Minolta helps you to make working together with remote teams and colleagues effortless – particularly when they are operating from different locations. We offer you solutions for a wide range of modern collaboration applications that are implemented and adjusted based on your needs. 

Mobile collaboration

Mobile collaboration

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Konica Minolta Printing Hardware

Want the ultimate in digital print production performance? You just found it. Konica Minolta’s Production Printing and Office hardware are industry benchmarks, with devices offering revolutionary colour image quality, ultra-high-speed black-and-white output, pro-quality inline finishing options to meet your complex job specifications, and more. Regardless of the size or area of specialisation of your company, our print hardware lets you build up your printing infrastructure, manage digital content, put in place state-of-the-art measuring instruments, and explore other solutions designed to change your workflow beyond recognition.

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Konica Minolta Software Products

Explore the countless different ways in which Konica Minolta software products could improve your operations. Konica Minolta solves the problems of your company, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of your industry. By prioritising your needs at all times, Konica Minolta meets the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations. Using the system, you can keep a lid on the cost of any printed or copied output, create advanced security measures to ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into unauthorised hands, and more.

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Always at your Service

Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

Benefits of digital collaboration and communication

Our digital collaboration tools and communication solutions reduce complexity and enable employees to easily interact with each other. You can easily set up dedicated project teams while combining constant workplace chat, file storage and video meetings. 



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Community management through a social network for sharing information and connecting people within organisations to connect experts internally and share valuable insights 

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Discussions feeds/instant messaging, even if you can’t be face to face, enable employees to discuss projects and find solutions quickly and easily

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Document management and sharing allow employees to access files from anywhere remotely and working on one document simultaneously 

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Project management realised in one platform where team groups, blogs, wikis, calendars, task lists and much more can be set up 

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Software-as-a-service (SaaS) unburdens organisations from tasks such as application management of licences, updates and maintenance 

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Security is ensured since cloud-based applications require two-factor-authentication or conditional access when accessed from outside

Collaboration infographic

The increasing demand for flexibility dramatically changes in our working routines: employees demand the possibility to work remotely, while collaboration across teams, departments and companies requires a new approach to work – and dedicated support of digital collaboration tools.

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Collaboration e-Book

The way we work in a professional environment has fundamentally changed in the past years. It has seen the rise of a new star: collaboration. The share of the total working time that full-time office workers spend in virtual or digital collaboration has doubled in less than a decade from a mere 7% in 2013 to 14% in 2019.

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Le Kap Verre relies on Workplace Go to improve collaboration

Le Kap Verre is a French manufacturer specialising in glass processing. The company chose Konica Minolta, a long term partner, to implement the Workplace Hub inclusive Workplace Go. Supporting the digital transformation and improving the efficiency of their highly mobile teams, Workplace Go is a collaborative tool, which is simple and intuitive to use and can also be accessed and used remotely from all types of devices. It improves the agility of Le Kap Verre’s teams, in particular enhancing cross-It departmental work and makes it easier to collaborate on team projects. Finally, it provides security based on cloud technology from Microsoft.

If you think you might be interested in the multiple benefits a File Sharing & Synchronisation solution from Konica Minolta could bring to your company or organisation, then please don’t hesitate to contact us! One of our specialists in the field will get back to you directly so we can start to discuss and meet your specific mobile collaboration needs.