Managing all customer-related information and relationships for real estate processes

Managing all customer-related information and relationships for real estate processes

Managing all customer-related information and relationships for real estate processes

CRM solutions such as Konica Minolta’s for.REALESTATE find their best use for operations of 20 system users and up, which makes it the ideal for medium-sized and large-scale applications. This is particularly the case if a large number of clients need to be managed, with large airports being one example. In addition to the customer requirements it is not uncommon that tens of thousands of rented spaces need to be managed, organised, maintained and special circumstances such as security standards need to be taken into account. This means that the real estate brokers and property managers need to deal with a vast amount of customer data each and every day. Hence, an intuitive and user friendly system like for.REALESTATE, which helps them keep track of all developments concerning their customers and properties, is adding true value for them.

Keeping an overview of properties and spaces

Efficient space management is crucial for real estate companies of all types and sizes. Area information needs to be at hand directly or by using linked data records. Hence, in for.REALESTATE, management is highly flexible: in the management of different spaces, areas can be organised as a complete property or even down to room level. In the end, the area management remains flexible and can be reduced or extended over the course of the customer and real estate life cycle.

Konica Minolta has a deep understanding of the challenges real estate companies face in their daily business – therefore, thanks to the flexibility of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, for.REALESTATE can be adapted accordingly. For example, through a setup wizard it can be defined how data records for an area are to be entered. Workflows can be saved in for.REALESTATE and displayed for faster data entry. Complex building structures can be easily displayed and recognised across areas down to their furnishing with an intelligent and hierarchical structured matrix.

Additionally, being able to generate exposés with all information, images, customer-specific CI specifications and figures directly in from for.REALESTATE is a major advantage for Konica Minolta customers in this field.

This makes the reaction times for customer requests extremely short, while at the same time, other document templates can be stored directly in Microsoft Office to save valueable time.

With this solution, Konica Minolta also helps real estate companies to find exactly what their customers are looking for as virtual areas are integrated. These are areas that consist of a combination of different other smaller areas. For example, in an office building you have several areas on different floors, one area on the ground floor with 20 m² and one area on the second floor with 50 m². If an interested party asks for an area of 70 m², this combination will not show up in a normal search operation. The virtual area search enables a display of the two areas for this prospective customer and the creation of an offer for 70 m² for him. Hence, the Konica Minolta solution helps to find the right property for prospective buyers or find the prospective buyer for vacated properties. Special "scoring functions" help to find the most promising prospective buyer for each sales process . For regional sales opportunities, for.REALESTATE offers maps functions to perform visual match­ing using the integrated radius search.

Putting relationship management first – not just the properties

for.REALESTATE is not just a solution to organise and manage property, but more importantly, the information connected to the customer. With for.REALESTATE, Konica Minolta does not simply provide address management which has been enriched by a few extensions. Rather, it seamlessly integrates CRM functions into everyday work in the real estate industry. This includes meaningful reports in Excel or PowerBI, individual contract templates directly from CRM in Word and transfers important information from Outlook with just one click. Through

for.REALESTATE, real estate agents can access any information and their full scope of work through any mobile device as well – regardless of the device manufacturer. This opens up possibilities for a variety of different technology applications.

“Customers first – this is the right approach for the digital real estate industry. Classic ‘real estate software’ mainly focuses on objects, areas, exposés, etc. and later with the most important topic of your corporate strategy: your customers”, explains

Jochen Schimmel Product Development Lead for.REALESTATE & CRM, Software Engineering Lead Business Software at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH. “This is why our solution for.REALESTATE is based on one of the best customer management systems in the world: Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. With the CRM from Microsoft you put your customer at the centre of your activities and with for.REALESTATE you get all the real estate-specific tools you need in your daily work”, he elaborates.

With this solution Konica Minolta is able to deliver the advantages of a modern large-scale CRM environment tailored to the specific needs of the real estate industry.

Crm suitable for the most complex real estate operations

for.REALESTATE is the product of joint projects between Konica Minolta and its customers. With CRM from Microsoft and Konica Minolta, specific tools for everyday can be created as basic frame­work for a real estate management solution that works exactly as needed. As for.REALESTATE can be tailored to specific, complex operations, it is a perfect fit for a wide variety of real estate businesses as for example ports, railway operations, shopping malls, outlet malls, insurance companies, banks, investors, brokers, project developers and branch store operations.

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“Real estate is a business which lives on close customer relationships – and therefore on having the right information on possible prospects when needed. Especially in the commercial field, having and keeping an overview over your properties and contracts is business-critical. A few of the largest real estate companies are often not recognised as such and thus their specific needs are often not taken into account when it comes to software solutions for the industry. However, organisations like shopping malls and particularly airports stem major real estate management processes but are in fact using very outdated software to handle them. We see their needs and therefore deliver our specialised for.REALESTATE solution to supply them with solutions they truly benefit from.”

Jochen Schimmel

Product Development Lead for.REALESTATE & CRM, Software Engineering Lead Business Software, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Deutschland GmbH


  • All information about customers and properties/areas at a glance in one system
  • Manage the entire real estate portfolio: recognise expiring contracts or vacancies, manage conversion measures, process damage reports, enrich object history
  • Create individual exposés, contracts or other documents in for.REALESTATE
  • Purchase, sale, rent, investment, project development or contract extension – for.REALESTATE implements adjustments in the shortest possible time
  • Capture emails, phone calls, appointments and other activities with one click
  • Customisable dashboards give you at-a-glance access to all the information you need about your contacts
  • Use real-time evaluations and create meaningful statistics and reports in the marketing and administration process.


  • Keeping an overview over all relevant customer and property information
  • Having one integrated solution that links contemporary tech opportunities with industry-specific requirements
  • Utilising all available information and data for business optimisation


  • for.REALESTATE, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, offers an ideal combination of the advantages of a large CRM provider and a small specialised solution provider dedicated to the real estate industry
  • Konica Minolta’s CRM solution is specifically designed to match the particular needs of the real estate industry in mind while incorporating today’s technology standards