New opportunities and satisfied customers for Düssel-Druck

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New opportunities and satisfied customers for Düssel-Druck

New opportunities and satisfied customers for Düssel-Druck

As a fully-integrated print service provider, Düssel-Druck & Verlag GmbH specialises in production-oriented label printing. With the digital label press “bizhub PRESS C71cf” by Konica Minolta, the company can respond flexibly and cost-efficiently to the requirements of its customers and has already opened up new business opportunities with its “” portal

“The print image is in high resolution and of the best quality, which is to be attributed not least to the integrated colour management. When selecting a machine, Düssel-Druck has therefore always made a comparison to offset printing. Since the installation in the spring of 2017, the bizhub PRESS C71cf by Konica Minolta has been running without significant interruptions and already takes on around 20 percent of total production – with the tendency strongly rising.”
Axel Meyer, Managing Director of Düssel-Druck & Verlag GmbH

“Typical runs are 1,000 to 10,000 units, but it’s also possible to have runs that are significantly lower. Thanks to the cost-effective continuous printing, we can now also provide up to 100,000 units.”
Axel Meyer, Managing Director of Düssel-Druck & Verlag GmbH

About Düssel-Druck & Verlag GmbH

Shortly after its founding in 1994, the digital printing in the family-run print shop opened up its premises in the Düsseldorf district of Bilk. There are currently two digital sheet-fed printing systems in use. “Today, we still cover around 40 percent of our production with an offset printing machine. The majority, though, is digitally printed”, says Axel Meyer, Managing Director in the second generation of the company, which employs a staff of ten. 

From bound booklets all the way to business cards, Düssel-Druck covers the entire range of print products but has specialised in label printing. The main clients include, with an increasing tendency, customers from the food and chemical industries. “With this existing customers, who are important to us, there’s an increasing demand for a change in the form of labels.


For one, they should be water resistant and more abrasion resistant than in the past. Secondly, many manufacturers demand today the delivery of self-adhesive labels on a roll, since they are easier to process on their production machines”, says Axel Meyer. The abrasion resistance of labels for packaging is becoming increasingly important, particularly for export goods, Meyer reports: “Logistic processes have rough conditions when goods are shipped. If a label is illegible, the customs authorities protest, the delivery is returned and everything has to be re-labelled – very much to the annoyance of the manufacturers.” 

The same applies to food labels. Here it is of vital importance that the colour doesn’t migrate into the packaging. For a period of about one year Axel Meyer therefore looked for a suitable digital continuous production system, which works with water resistant toner engagement.

Konica Minolta Solution

After numerous test prints and elaborate comparisons, Düssel-Druck opted for the bizhub PRESS C71cf by Konica Minolta. The digital label press combines numerous technological advantages of toner-based printing production systems by Konica Minolta. The stability and resistance of the toner immediately passed the acid test of actual practice at Düssel-Druck: “Here is where the inkjet systems from other manufacturers available on the market just did not convince us“, says Axel Meyer. The roll-based production also meets the requirements of industrial customers. “This step towards the production of self-adhesive labels went off quite smoothly for us, and we were able to dispense with wet glue in many areas”, underscores Meyer.

A decision with excellent prospects

By opting for Konica Minolta, Düssel-Druck can meet the requirements of its customers cost-effectively and in almost any print runs. The included AccurioPro Label Impose software allows for a rapid implementation of the print templates and an efficient job control on the bizhub PRESS C71cf. In addition to the high quality, employees at Düssel-Druck were especially impressed with the ease-of-use in day-to-day production. “In addition, only this system has made it possible for us to offer labels online at our new portal ‘’. Just a few weeks after the launch, we have gotten great feedback and can thus generate new growth, both in the area of B2B and with end users”, says Axel Meyer with satisfaction. Practical: Colour data must be filed only once and can be used for recurring orders.

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