New channels for Reprocolor's customers through MGI jetvarnish 3ds investment

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New channels for Reprocolor's customers through MGI jetvarnish 3ds investment

New channels for Reprocolor's customers through MGI jetvarnish 3ds investment

Reprocolor Group continuously seeks new ways to innovate and extend its ever-increasing number of services.Today, it can address almost 100% of customers’ printing needs, including, small, large and on demand book printing, for any type of business.

Customer Presentation

Over the last 30 years, French Reprocolor Group has built up a solid position as a major player in digital printing. It proudly claims to provide 100% of its services “Made in Hauts de France”. Its 2,800 m² production site in Hallennes-lez-Haubourdin near Lille houses a machine base that is at the cutting edge of technology. It combines production and ecology and as such holds Imprim’vert and PEFC accreditation. It has developed a network of five branches in Amiens, Arras, Lens, Dunkirk and Reims to deliver a flexible and responsive service and has over 80 employees.

{"Name":"David Trinel","JobDescription":"Leader of Reprocolor","Statement":"We were drawn to this machine due to its numerous features, the quality of the coating and the huge range of possibilities","VideoUrl":"","ImageUrl":"","ImageTitle":"","HasVideo":false,"HasImage":false,"Url":null,"CodeName":"reprocolor_quote_1"}

The Challenge

In its search for innovation, Reprocolor is always looking for ways to anticipate future market developments by investing in the very latest technologies. It is also committed to giving customers the best service possible and supports clients from the moment a project begins to its successful completion.

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Konica Minolta Solution 

Reprocolor Group latest investment is the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS fitted with a hot-foiling module. It first saw this 100% digital 3D coating, hot-foiling and embossing solution at an event organised by Konica Minolta in Lille in May 2017 then at the GRAPHITEC trade show (Paris) in June 2017. This machine can apply a high precision selective UV 3D coating on offset or digital prints at a production speed of up to 2,077 sheets/hour.

The stunning brilliance of the UV coating combined with the ability to precisely vary the thickness of the coating on each sheet and the use of AIS Smartscanner technology for sheet by sheet detection all help create stand out results. The Variable Data option enables customization features for innovative and hard-hitting communication. 

{"Name":"David Trinel","JobDescription":"Leader of Reprocolor","Statement":"The business support offered by Konica Minolta was also a major factor in our decision","VideoUrl":"","ImageUrl":"","ImageTitle":"","HasVideo":false,"HasImage":false,"Url":null,"CodeName":"reprocolor_quote_3"}

Improvements and Benefits 

The foiling and silver film features give Reprocolor an edge over other providers in the region. It is also an interesting leverfor the group’s self-publishing site with the ability to produced beautiful book covers. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS seamlessly fitted into the production workflow and the format accepted perfectly matched the operation’s needs.