Mobile Printing

Printing technology adjusted to the modern workplace

Print that’s every bit as mobile as you are

In recent years, modern work has been transformed from a stationary experience to a far more mobile one. Workers can now work while travelling, hold a business meeting outside the office – at a client’s headquarters, for example – or finish tasks from home. This shift allows for hugely improved efficiency and flexibility of workflow. Mobile phones meet the requirements of modern workers perfectly – they are always to hand, are easy-to-use, and support fast, effective communication.

Mobile printing offered by Konica Minolta is designed with the modern worker’s needs in mind. It is a safe, fast solution not requiring any extra infrastructure. All you need is a mobile phone or any other mobile device, and a Konica Minolta multifunctional device. Remote printing can be initiated easily with just a few steps, even if you are not in the office at the time. The system lets you keep your freedom, stay flexible, act instantaneously even when outside the office, and pick up on any flaws in documentation within seconds.