Multi-location printing

Print in every office, country and continent

Get instant access to all your devices with Central Print Management

Every organisation has its own individual issues. Whether you're leading an international corporation or a medium-size enterprise, you're probably struggling to increase employee productivity. Keeping this at a constantly high level can be a challenging task requiring holistic thinking – and a holistic solution specifically designed to cover every single office and device at your organisation. Konica Minolta has that complete solution for your business.

Multi-location printing is exactly what it sounds like – the freedom to produce prints and copies of documents regardless of your current location. This can be achieved by connecting all your printing devices to give you the efficiency and flexibility you need every day to keep up with your competition and meet even the most demanding clients' expectations.

The system lets you manage your entire print environment centrally, so that in case of an urgent meeting, for example, the files needed can be sent from one location to another in a matter of seconds. Print jobs can be submitted from anywhere on Earth, with the required data transferred quickly and swiftly, significantly reducing the time spent on writing unnecessary emails. Improve collaboration and speed up communication with multi-location printing.