I want to streamline my invoice
processing with automation

I want to safeguard the
confidentiality of customer data

I want to optimise my contract
management through automation

I want a fast and reliable search
solution at only one click

I want to protect my workplace
environment from security threats

I want to enhance productivity
for my IoT devices

I want to monitor all my hardware,
systems and applications remotely

I want less complexity regarding
my office IT

I want to store and protect my data
and manage my back-ups

I want to digitally process all my
incoming mail

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to share my data efficiently
across all systems

I want to safeguard the
confidentiality of customer data

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to print from anywhere
at any time

I want to centrally control my
entire printing environment

I want a reliable print infra-
structure tailored to my needs

I want to manage my print
infrastructure secure & efficient

I want to increase printing security
through rights management

I want to enhance productivity
for my IoT devices

I want to track and optimise my
printing costs for all my users

I want to publish books on demand at
high speed and lower cost

I want to boost my productivity
and automate my workflow

I want to manage colours and images
for highest printing quality

I want to reach my audience across
all media

I want a globally connected work-
place with all digital services

I want to increase profits and cut
production time

I want to set up my printing press
for the future

I want to reduce admin duplication
and eliminate data errors

I want to harmonise digital and
offset press

I want to make my transaction
documents boost sales

I want to focus on individual
customer interests

I want to offer creative online
printing solutions to my clients

I want to print all my wide formats
with only one software solution

I want to add a first class haptic
experience to my printed products

I want to print profitable labels
with short lead-times

I want to deliver professional
results in inkjet printing

I want to monitor my warehouse with
highest efficiency and security

I want to integrate business
intelligence with video security

I want to safeguard my premises
under any weather condition

I want a robust and reliable
security solution for my vehicles

I want the highest video security for
my business at low costs

I want to protect my critical infra-
structure and machinery

I want to deliver sharp and clear
images for patients and doctors

I want to get the best use out of
Augmented and Virtual Reality

I want to deliver innovative digital
services to physical workplaces

I want to see the finest possible
detail on my x-ray images

I want high quality printing of
medical images at low cost

I want innovative technologies to
process medical data

I want to reduce risk, increase com-
pliance and improve documentation

I want to to easily assess a
patient’s rheumatoid arthritis

I want to learn more about Color- &
Light-Measurement Solutions

I want to learn more about
Industrial Inkjet

I want to learn more about
Optical Products

I want to learn more about
Performance Materials

I want to learn more about

TURN - Rethink work with Konica Minolta

With our magazine “TURN” we want to help you master and accept the changes that have a great impact on your daily working life. In this issue the focal point is IT security! Whether it is in your own data centre or in the cloud. Because it affects everyone. Because without security, small and medium-sized enterprises soon face existential problems. Because attacks so often remain undetected. Because even surveillance cameras can become an access gateway.

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TURN magazine issue #1 - cover thumbnail

The workplace is changing



As more tasks move toward individuals choosing where and how they work, central offices are becoming hubs for communication.

As office documents become more digitized and the volume of data increases, centralized management and better access to assets is ever more vital.

As remote access and cloud integration become more sophisticated, the need for security is increasingly critical.

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Bjørn Langhorn Lundt
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For us, it is crucial that our suppliers are strategic partners who can handle the challenges that naturally arise along the way during a major project in the spirit of partnership, and Konica Minolta is simply the right strategic partner for us

Bjørn Langhorn Lundt

Head of Procurement, Coop Technology

embellishment print sample woman

Embellishment - Transform your printing with digital varnish technology

Create sensory experiences with your text. You won't regret it.

Why a sensory experience makes real commercial sense

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'Haptic technology' lets you simulate touch in a digital environment, and today's most successful commercial printers are already enhancing their services by using the technology to offer a more appealing and creative experience. With MGI's groundbreaking new take on haptic, 'digital varnish technology', this more tactile approach to potential customers makes complete commercial sense.

Konica Minolta extends its successful bizhub i-Series portfolio to include its new A4 monochrome devices bizhub 4750i, bizhub 4700i and bizhub 4050i

In an increasingly fast-paced work environment, employees depend on equally powerful technologies supporting them to manage their huge workload. Technology must also be easy and intuitive to use. Office workers should not have to spend too much...

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