The Workplace of the Future

Making physical workplaces more useful in real-time, improving the workplace experience and efficiency.

An entire digital ecosystem to meet all your business needs

The Workplace of the Future looks at making physical workplaces more useful in real-time, improving workplace experience and efficiency for employees. Technology is now freeing us from the confines of our desks to work anywhere, any time and employees are looking for the flexibility of time away from their desks during their 8-hour working day. Our solutions look at making employees feel more connected to an organisation and enables collaboration buy merging people processes and technology.

A survey by the Future Workplace, a research firm specialising in preparing leaders for disruptions in recruiting, development and the employee experience, recently found that 76% of respondents believed work is no longer just about where you are – it’s also about what you get done. Driving this belief are generational changes in the workplace experience – both physically, and judged by the tools and technologies used. The survey found that 62% of respondents thought technology should help employees to be more productive and collaborate in a more interactive way.

Everything’s changing, and never more so than since the Internet of Things (IoT) began to play a role. The IoT has set the scene for a technological revolution, as the machines of all shapes and sizes location at home, in the office and surrounding our lives begin to communicate and automate tedious tasks and workloads, take care of our needs and allow us to focus on core business.

The Workplace of the Future requires teams to work smarter and more efficiently together – whether they’re face-to-face or thousands of miles apart. According to the Deloitte Millennial Survey , 59% of millennials considered the standard of the technology provided by potential employers when considering a job. What’s more, 78% of millennials said they were influenced by how innovative a company was when applying for a job.

For a positive workplace experience

For a positive workplace experience

Employers are looking for ways to attract and retain staff, and that includes their contractors. A positive workplace experience helps achieve this goal, which is a matter of real concern to HR Directors and CEOs. Space is currently a fixed cost, but making it a variable cost can allow you to instigate change in your workplace strategy. Higher levels of financial audit drive interest in measuring efficiency of building estates. 

This is where occupancy management comes in handy: the “feeling of being connected” to an organisation is a real part of the workplace experience, increasingly achieved outside the world of the corporate intranet and e-mail. Today, it constitutes the main reason for a greater interest in digital signage.

We are driven by innovation - Digital Workplace

Konica Minolta is heavily engaged in developing the digital workplace of the future, combining technologies from all divisions of our company. We can even measure noise, light quality and room occupancy to optimize your working conditions.

Discover the ideal digital workplace regardless of where it’s located.

Konica Minolta offers a collaboration platform which allows you to automate and coordinate your entire work environment and help your employees to be more productive by making best use of the latest advancements in technology. 

With room scheduling applications, for example, you can make your meetings more productive before they even begin. No more searching for an available space to collaborate, only to find it’s been double-booked. You can even reserve certain rooms based on the specific needs of your meeting. 

With just a few mouse clicks, you can create, integrate, manage and share data among colleagues and external users working on various projects. Workplace of the Future solutions and the collaboration platform give you all the tools you need to combine and synchronise all the workplace files, data, calendar and contact information involved in a single place. That way, your content and data are not just easily searchable and scalable, but also accessible on any device. Anywhere. At any time. 

To really get the most out of our collaboration platform, users can also create, share, organise and store documents, safely and efficiently, in a secure cloud environment.



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Is your company ready for the future? Konica Minolta is heavily engaged in developing the digital workplace of the future, combining technologies from all divisions of our company. Talk to our experts today and together we can develop the right solution for your needs.