The Clean Planet Program – State-of-the-Art Consumables Recycling That Works for You and the Planet


Clean Planet Program – Return and Recycling Program for Konica Minolta Consumables

The Clean Planet Program reflects Konica Minolta’s unerring commitment to sustainability and awareness of the need to preserve the Earth’s natural resources – while also enabling you to run a tight ship economically. This sustainable program is designed to ensure Konica Minolta consumables such as toner cartridges and bottles, photoconductor drums, and other pieces are disposed of using environmentally sound processes.

This high-class recycling program offers a simple, reliable means of protecting the Earth’s natural resources and reducing waste in a way that supports both you and your customers as you strive to achieve your sustainability targets. That means you will know – rather than hope or wonder – you’re leaving a clean planet to future generations, even as we help you achieve maximum efficiency.

High-class recycling

High-class recycling

The Konica Minolta Clean Plant Program incorporates the latest technologies to ensure you and your company enjoy the benefits of state-of-the-art recycling. This recycling program is designed to ensure ambitious contributions for a cleaner planet to future generations and massively reduce global warming by recovering the maximum possible volume of secondary raw materials from Konica Minolta toners and other consumables.

In the course of our recycling program, 100% of your used consumables are recycled by employing highly sophisticated processes in what is already a rapidly evolving science. The process does not rely on incineration, which also contributes to global warming. Instead, it converts items such as Konica Minolta toner bottles into secondary raw materials for re-use. The very small proportion of material which cannot be recycled will be used in energy recovery processes.

Reliable process

Reliable process

In this new program, you print as usual using Konica Minolta’s state-of-the-art toners and consumables – then let us take care of the reliable recycling of all items. Here’s how the Clean Planet recycling program has been designed to work for both you and the planet by combatting global warming and continuing to meet your printing needs:

  1. You register on the Clean Planet Program portal;
  2. Order collection boxes directly to your premises in the size that suits you best;
  3. Collect your used consumables and schedule the full box to be picked up at a later date;
  4. Consumables go on to be recycled at a specialised site.

A simple, convenient recycling program

A simple, convenient recycling program

One portal - handle everything in just a few mouseclicks.

With our Clean Planet Program portal, the recycling process becomes a simple and reliable one. Using your company user profile, this sustainable program lets you save your address details for future orders, follow-up orders using a tracking feature, and view reports of your order history. You can also order the required quantity of boxes to be delivered directly to your premises, then schedule the boxes, once full, to be picked up on a day of your choice. The program has been specially designed to combat global warming in a way that’s both economic and sustainable!

Our Consumables Recycling Service is available for all consumables featured in Office and Production Printing systems, including the bizhub, AccurioPrint and AccurioPress ranges of copiers and printers.

Clean Planet Program

Clean Planet Program

Please note this Clean Planet Program for bizhub, AccurioPrint and AccurioPress ranges is only available in selected countries and for registered customers. Please contact your local Konica Minolta account manager if you have not yet registered, and to find out whether the service is available in your country.

For laser printer consumables used in our PagePro and Magicolor ranges of desktop laser printers we offer the following return service in 18 European countries:

We take care of the high-class recycling of your consumables

You want to act responsibly, meet the environmental targets of your company and make an effective contribution to protecting natural resources? In that case, take advantage of Konica Minolta’s Clean Planet Program:

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The Clean Planet Program – State-of-the-Art Consumables Recycling That Works for You and the Planet

The Clean Planet Program – State-of-the-Art Consumables Recycling That Works for You and the Planet

    • Hugely valuable contribution to environmental protection
    • Reduction of waste, protection of natural resources
    • Sophisticated recycling of highest quality guaranteed
    • Fulfilment of your compliance and CSR targets
    • Acting responsibly – beyond legal regulations
    • Fortification of your reputation as a responsible company
    • Very simple and convenient – the least possible effort for you