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In the field, especially during sales, consultancy or service visits, paper is still widely used to capture data on the spot – think of insurance claims, for example. However, collecting data and filling in forms by hand has its disadvantages. Involving additional work, it can be error-prone and costly: Returning forms to the office for capture, processing and archiving is time-consuming and inefficient. To maximise productivity and avoid delays, it is important to accelerate the capturing process – which is best achieved by automating the task with Capture OnTheGo, the mobile solution for field force automation.

Capture OnTheGo workflow

Capture OnTheGo

Capture OnTheGo

Document capture

  • Available form actions on the mobile device

Document processing

  • Download PDF documents
  • Download and fill in HTML forms

Document distribution

  • Transmit forms with a single click



Our solution starts where other digital form solutions stop

Features that distinguish Capture OnTheGo from the competition


Full process automation

Automate your processes, such as invoicing or real time system updates. Processes are triggered when data is captured on forms and sent back to the home office, accelerating your transactions and increasing workforce productivity.

No lag time

Because there is no need to wait until the end of the day to get your completed forms – and there is no more manual keying in of information – reliable and accurate records are created, reducing errors and streamlining your transactions

No pre-defined templates

Have the freedom to design your forms as you wish. With the flexibility to format without pre-set constraints, you can create customised designs that fit your business needs.

Offline mode

Don't let a bad connection slow you down. Submitted documents are automatically queued and sent as soon as your connection returns.

Information is stored on premises

Avoid having to share information in your database with third parties. This way you can be certain access is controlled and your information is secure.

Your own branding

Replicate your image and create personalised documents that represent your organisation. Showcase your brand and make the app look like it's yours.

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An app to speed up your transactions and save you money

Say goodbye to paper forms - On-the-go convenience

Everything is done through the convenience of a tablet or mobile phone, so your documents go where you go. No more lost or unreadable forms, no more keying in of information. All the information travels electronically, saving time and money—and increasing efficiency

Eliminate lag times - Faster document processing

With fewer errors and less time spent dealing with them, you’ll minimise manual work and reduce idle time, and your workforce will be more productive . Your transactions will take a fraction of the time, with triggers that automate form processing and eliminate lag times.

No impact on your existing IT infrastructure - Easy to implement

Capture OnTheGo is easily integrated and has very limited impact on your existing IT infrastructure, because it works with your existing environment, systems and applications. The app works alongside PlanetPress Connect, allowing you to use information from any of your systems when creating documents.

Eliminate lag times - Enhanced cash flows

Efficient processing goes hand in hand with improved issue diagnosis, faster billing and delivery, and better customer service. For example, by adding notes and pictures to an electronic form, customer service can proactively address potential issues, leading to faster payment and better cash flow, with no added steps for users.