PaperCut MF

Do you require to manage your printing, copying, scanning and faxing? If that sounds like an challange for you and your organisation, you should have a look on PaperCut MF. PaperCut provide all features out of the box without additional costs.

PaperCut MF offers your company or organisation an easy way to automatically monitor and manage its copying, faxing, scanning and printing needs – letting you keep an eye on the costs and environmental impact of your printing at the touch of a button.

Used by over 50,000 different organisations in more than 100 countries across the world today, the PaperCut MF program is now available in 20 different languages. The program is a simple-to-use, affordable, all-in-one print management application, designed with the needs of all businesses in mind, no matter what industry they operate in, their shape or size.

PaperCut combines uncomplicated, simple user or cost management options, so it can retain the world-class levels of flexibility your organisation needs. The program is simple to install and use in your system, making it the perfect choice for companies, public bodies, Schools and Universities with relatively few IT resources looking for solutions that will mesh into place and start doing their job without generating new administrative overheads.

All of which makes PaperCut MF a product you can trust – with a high Return On Investment!



Print monitoring

  • Track precisely who is printing, how much, what and where at your company or organisation
  • Central dashboard
  • 80+ print monitoring reports out of the box
  • Print archiving – lets you browse and review content of print activity going on within your environmen


  • E-mail
  • Home
  • Folder
  • Cloud
  • Enabling of business automation processes
  • Presetting of user-based scan locations
  • OCR - Cloud based (incl.)
  • OCR - On Premise (option)

Cost management

  • Shared accounts
  • Print quotas
  • Print balances
  • Client billing


  • “Find-me” printing
  • Watermarks
  • Digital signatures
  • Card Authentication
  • Biometric Authentication

Screenshots of PaperCut MF

More functionalities of PaperCut MF

Payment Gateways, Mobile Print & BYOD

  • Mobility print
  • Web print
  • E-mail to print
  • Google Cloud Print & iOS printing
  • Guest printing
  • BYOD Support
  • Payment gateway (option)


  • Shows environmental impact of printing
  • Widgets
  • Automatic Print Queue Deployment

Print policies

  • Creates rules for intelligent printing behaviour
  • Pre-build-in filters
  • Advanced scripting functionalities

Target Groups / Customers

  • Offices
  • Education
  • Print Rooms

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