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Intelligent IP video systems solve challenges in healthcare facilities

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As locations, healthcare facilities such as hospitals and general practitioners’ surgeries pose significant challenges for security managers. They often feature a wide variety of different activities – including lifesaving treatments – needing to be performed quickly, whilst ensuring patients, staff, and property are protected at all times.Intelligent video security solutions mean better security for your employees, premises and the surrounding areas.Options?Intelligent video surveillance, wireless security camera systems, movement detection cameras and more — with Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX, the possibilities are endless!

The collaboration between Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX provides intelligent video security solutions that automatically analyse video images, recording these only when a pre-defined alert takes place. Monitoring capabilities can range from simple motion and audio analysis to more complex tasks such as detecting camera manipulation, people counting and virtual fencing. IT video systems can even filter video footage and specific data out of data streams, then integrate this material to ensure better patient care, optimise the security of critical facilities, analyse emergency room processes and more.

Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX

Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX

MOBOTIX intelligent video systems

MOBOTIX intelligent video systems, with their decentralised architecture, have proven a particularly effective means of ensuring facilities and premises are secure. Alongside traditional video surveillance, MOBOTIX uses smart sensors capable of detecting a wide range of types of movement, such as a person leaving a room or bed during the night, as well as how often lights are turned on, controlling heat and room temperature, and more. Information from biomedical sensors and devices can also be captured and displayed in real time to ensure care providers are kept updated.

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New perspectives in Healthcare

The c26 Indoor 360° is the smallest and lightest hemispheric complete video system for installation on ceilings indoors MOBOTIX has ever developed. Weighing around 200 grams, the device is just 12 centimetres in diameter. The c26 can be installed quickly and easily, and includes features such as a light-sensitive 6MP day or night sensor and the MxAnalytics behavioural analysis tool.

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Konica Minolta Software Products

Explore the countless different ways in which Konica Minolta software products could improve your operations. Konica Minolta solves the problems of your company, matches different working styles, and offers software solutions meeting the needs of your industry. By prioritising your needs at all times, Konica Minolta meets the software requirements of even the most demanding global organisations. Using the system, you can keep a lid on the cost of any printed or copied output, create advanced security measures to ensure sensitive documents don’t fall into unauthorised hands, and more.

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Our experienced, knowledgeable specialist staff will answer any questions you may have, and show you how to operate your product. Our services function for your benefit, within a support system designed to ensure you and your company benefit fully from the solutions. We offer a range of different services, including optimised print services to combine your consulting; hardware and software implementation; workflow management to lower your document spending; and smart security services, to keep your business safe.

Key Features

Intelligent video security solutions by Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX offer continuous, state-of-the-art surveillance to protect your employees, patients and material assets. MOBOTIX is the pioneer of stand-alone intelligent IP video systems and has created the first IP cameras not requiring any central PC or software. This decentralized in-camera intelligence enables you to build cost-effective security systems that facilitate automatic video recording.

Access control is also crucially important. You can control who enters and leaves your premises by installing cameras near the facility entrance. Features such as the “restricted area alerting option” have proven to be extremely useful. Intelligent measures provide highly effective deterrence, including two-way audio, control of lighting, alarming and notifications. Applications equipped with sensory inputs allow instantaneous remote scene awareness, perfect for protecting property and analysing behaviour by using measures such as people counting and movement tracking. MOBOTIX thermography can also detect fires or overheated devices early on, automatically setting off an alarm.

Thanks to 6-megapixel moonlight technology, MOBOTIX cameras can capture fast-moving objects in gloomy conditions such as moonlight. 360° hemispheric camera technology lets you secure an entire room without blind spots, and with virtual zoom. To prevent false alarms, MOBOTIX video surveillance is equipped with technology capable of detecting motion in even the most extreme conditions, while the MxActivity sensor reduces false alarms by up to 90%.

MOBOTIX offers numerous other benefits above and beyond this, including: 

  • Efficient, optimised MxPEG security video codec 
  • No need for maintenance thanks to fibreglass-reinforced housing and lack of moving parts 
  • Green IP video – MOBOTIX low-power design saves energy



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Your security is our concern. Discover the vast opportunities intelligent video security innovations from Konica Minolta and MOBOTIX have to offer. Contact us and find out how innovative solutions such as automatic event detection, alarm messaging, video analysis and two-way audio with VoIP messaging can help you keep people and facilities safe.