Why half measures are never enough when it comes to your perimeter

Reliable perimeter protection you can trust

Are you certain your perimeter protection meets the current needs of your business? Or are outdated methods of camera surveillance actually creating a need for additional infrastructure and costing you valuable time, money and resources – without offering an optimised, state-of-the-art solution?

When it comes to your company’s security, half measures are no longer enough. If the system of perimeter surveillance you’re using is inaccurate, the consequences could be dire, with many (if not all) your assets lost to theft or intrusion, vandalism, fire and other unexpected, potentially disastrous events.

That is why you should never settle for a second-rate solution – for your company’s sake, you need a system based around security cameras, barriers and sensors that is specifically designed to afeguard the outer reaches of the grounds surrounding your building or facility, and is integrated into a broader, all-round security concept.

MOBOTIX offers all this and more. This reliable, efficient perimeter surveillance system is an intelligent IP video solution that is standalone and easy-to-use, and will keep on functioning reliably under any weather conditions. The system detects any potential threat successfully, differentiates between a burglar breaking in and an animal innocently passing by at night, and offers perfect image quality, even after sunset.

MOBOTIX perimeter surveillance solutions offer a wide range of benefits. The systems ensure there is no danger of false alarms due to adverse weather conditions, their robust construction means they are perfect for outdoor use. The solutions use sharp, clear imaging, and are Made in Germany – for guaranteed high quality and technical reliability.



Everything from a single source

The MOBOTIX security system requires no additional infrastructure. Investing in MOBOTIX commercial camera surveillance means you will not need to worry about separate supporting systems, software or a central server. 

Not only will MOBOTIX save you the time and energy you might otherwise spend searching for suitable elements; it is also a cost-effective, financially transparent choice, and far more reliable than multi-element systems. All processes – such as event and alarm management, recording and image processing – are completed locally, inside the security camera.

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So much more than just a standard solution

MOBOTIX cameras can be used in a wide range of different fields, and are renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability. They offer the ultimate energy efficiency and highest degree of accuracy. A single camera can discreetly monitor an entire area, with no blind spots.

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MOBOTIX Video Management System – for everything from a single source

The built-in Video Management System (VMS) is an intuitive and flexible MOBOTIX software solution for video management, video analysis and device control. VMS requires no management server, and everything you need is built-in, so you don’t have to worry about installing new solutions.

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The perfect all-round package

We accompany you at every stage of the process, to ensure you benefit from the perfect, all-embracing security solutions concept. Starting with a detailed consultation, including site survey and analysis, we identify the tailored solution that will address the specific needs of your company to optimise and enhance your entire video infrastructure. The correct project management then goes on to include professional installation, followed by remote monitoring services to control the IT infrastructure and network status, as well as maintenance to ensure trouble-free operation of your video security system.

Why Konica Minolta for Video Solution Service

Konica Minoltas intelligent video system can solve problems in all areas: Ensuring safety in a factory unit, registering vehicles to detecting movement, communicating with the network or triggering alarms if necessary. The solution also allows you to analyse the customer behaviour while shopping, count every person in the entrance hall or help within a health clinic by being a real nurse’s assistant 24/7. Thanks to Konica Minoltas unique video solution technology and their services, a holistic security concept for every business has been developed, to make the invisible visible.

MOBOTIX has been producing intelligent, reliable and high-quality IP video systems since 2000. The company’s security cameras are perfectly adjusted to meet the needs of the modern business. Devices designed to operate outdoors are subjected to temperature stress tests ranging between -30°C and +60°C, so you can be sure your premises are secure all the time, whatever the weather. MOBOTIX security cameras don’t require cooling or heating, and use no moving parts, making them essentially maintenance-free and standalone. And because MOBOTIX camera surveillance systems store any required data, can manage the resolution themselves and trigger alarms automatically, no additional servers or computers are required. 

You can also be sure our cameras will cover your entire premises and guarantee high-quality, sharp images, regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to their use of 6MP Moonlight sensors and thermal imaging technology, MOBOTIX cameras register far more than the human eye, effortlessly detecting moving objects in poor conditions and over long distances. 

MOBOTIX cutting-edge technology also means you no longer have to choose an expensive, complex solution to enjoy the best in the business. MOBOTIX covers large areas with a handful of cameras, which don’t need regular maintenance, can work 24/7 regardless of weather conditions, automate some actions (such as triggering an alarm or opening gates to authorised vehicles), and are powered by standard PoE, needing no more than 4-5 watts. To make absolutely sure your current perimeter protection meets all the needs of your business, therefore, don’t bother with half-measures. 



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No additional infrastructure required

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Practically maintenance-free

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Reliable in all weather conditions

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Standalone system

Manage all your campaigns in one portal

Alarm automatically triggered

Next Generation Perimeter Security with Reliable Alarm Management

The integrated solution of MOBOTIX Thermal and Video technology significantly reduces false alarms and will define the future of perimeter security.

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Success story

Video surveillance installation to deter intruders and heighten security

Video surveillance installation to deter intruders and heighten security

The Co-ownership Management Committee represents the 128 co-owners of the Cott’Age building in Villepreux (78). In 2016, despite the double-door entrance fitted with a key or VIGIK (physical access control system), several incidents took place including bike thefts in the car parks and attempted burglaries of apartments. In 2017, the Co-ownership Management Committee started to compile video surveillance files in order to present a complete system to the general assembly at a reasonable cost, both in terms of installation and opera¬tion, aiming at an envelope equivalent to 10% of the estimated annual expenses budget. Konica Minolta installed seven Mobotix cameras to heighten security. The installation has now been up and running since September 2018.

Ensure properties and people are safe and prevent damage in communal areas

The building has four hallways that can be accessed from the public road and an underground car park with 185 parking spaces, which can be accessed via two pedestrian entrances/exits and one vehicle entrance/exit. Daniel Bacon is the Vice President of the Co-ownership Management Committee, appoint­ed by the 128 co-owners to help residents and ensure improvement projects are completed successfully. “Built in 2015, a new residence like ours attracts interest. A car was stripped, bikes stolen and at­tempts were made to burgle apartments, fortunately unsuccessfully. Minor damage can also sometimes make people living in a property of collective owner­ship feel less at ease.”

A trusted partner

Konica Minolta was one of the three companies the Co-ownership Management Committee considered. Having a perfect understanding of the requirements they expressed during the on-site audit as well as the strong image of the Mobotix and Konica Minolta brand had Konica Minolta stand out. The installation of video surveillance is a lasting investment and as such, it was important for co-owners to enlist a well-established company. Konica Minolta was also chosen for technical and aesthetic reasons: Konica Minolta’s off er only made use of RJ45 cables. Their small size would only entail minimal work and would not require the addition of potentially unsightly holes in the building. The installation comprises seven Mobotix cameras (these cover the four hallways and the three garage access points), a laptop, the MxManagement Center application to control the surveillance and a NAS server for storing information. The laptop on which the system is controlled is set up in a secure place that can be accessed by members of the Co-ownership Manage- ment Committee in charge of the operation of the video surveillance system. Konica Minolta’s solution provided the option of managing the system remotely via an Internet connection. “We chose to install seven cameras covering all the access points as legislation procedures are not as restrictive when eight or fewer cameras are used. Nevertheless, in our study with Konica Minolta and should the need arise, we wanted a progressive system that could allow us to increase the number of cameras without having to modify the current installation and for a reasonable price”, says Bacon. The installation can be extended in the event of problems in communal areas, e.g. the lifts. The installed system means cameras can be added for easy connection to the NAS and programming of the MxManagement Center software.

Immediate benefits through the video surveillance system

“The benefit was immediate, mainly because it served as a deterrent as regards intruders and residents felt reassured. With the system installed, we were also able to deal with three neighbourhood disturbances.

Firstly, we identified how a door-to-door sales rep, who had no device for accessing the building, was able to enter and therefore gain access to residents’ apart­ments. Secondly, we uncovered previously undetected inappropriate behaviour: A resident was using a special key to access their neighbours’ letterboxes and spying on the contents. Thirdly, a child who lived in the building was threatened in the hallway by other children from their school who followed them in uninvited. Being able to consult the images meant we could resolve these problems immediately”, says Bacon. Another extremely positive benefit for co-own­ers concerns the value of their apartments. Konica Minolta’s bid for the installation of seven cameras was extremely well received: Residents took on board the positive endorsement given to them by the Co-owner­ship Management Committee. The installation has now been up and running since September 2018.

Reassuring support concerning the protection of personal data Konica

Minolta strongly recommended the adherence to CNIL (National Commission on Informatics and Liberty) regulations as regards the use of images. “Properly advised by our representatives, we made a declaration to CNIL and affi xed notices that indicated the use of video surveillance within the building to ensure full information on image rights was available. Our declaration to CNIL explicitly mentions those authorised to view the images. The images are destroyed at the end of every month. They are only viewed in the event of an incident or upon the request of someone who has a right to the image. Images that may incriminate someone can be stored immediately if they accompany a complaint that requests them”. Konica Minolta’s support does not stop with its vigilance as regards respecting peoples’ rights. “The installation is extremely compact and does not interfere with the integrity of any parts of the building, and each time the installation requires a minor tweak, a technician comes out without delay.”

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No longer having to worry about intruders has not only reduced the number of signs indicating there are cameras present, but apartments have a greater resale value now that the system has been installed. Since its installation in September 2018, we have not had any cases of attempted burglary or theft

Daniel Bacon

Vice President, Co-ownership Management Committee


  • Security camera set-up covering the entire area
  • High picture quality and image resolution for monitoring
  • Right use of images through adapting to CNIL regulations
  • Intuitive and user-friendly camera control and device control via an Internet connection
  • Highly reliable surveillance system ensuring 24/7 monitoring
  • Experienced Konica Minolta technical service team
  • Since the installation no cases of attempted burglary or theft
  • Easy extension in other areas possible


  • Enhanced but discreet security for a whole building
  • Increasing resale value of the apartments


  • Mobotix security camera system with:
    • 7 Mobotix cameras
    • The MxManagement Center application for controlling the surveillance
    • NAS server for storing information

Video Surveillance at your Service

Video surveillance can perform a wide range of different functions at modern organisations, and by choosing reliable hardware, you ensure it is a future-proof investment. If you think your company or organisation might benefit from installing a video surveillance solution, click here for further details: