Marketing automation for centralised brand and communication

Provide best practice centrally managed branded campaigns across your organisation.

Create and distribute brand controlled marketing programs.

Provide centrally managed, best practice, brand controlled multi channel marketing campaigns across your organisation, which can be developed, launched and independently managed by your other locations, partners or distributors.

When running a corporate brand where you have multiple locations or franchises, this can create challenges around brand control and consistency, as well as visibility around what marketing communications is happening and when.

What if you had access to an easy to use cloud based tool, which already had a suite of pre-defined best practice goal orientated marketing campaign workflows available? All you need to do is dress the campaigns with your look and feel and specific calls to action. 

Once they’re ready, you can provide any user based at any location with access to the campaign you just created. Your regional users can upload their own data and contact details, and then start or schedule the campaign and you can keep track of progress on a HQ and regional level, providing complete visibility of all campaigns running at all locations.  

Providing centrally managed, best practice cross media campaigns allows you to control your brand communications across multiple regions and gain complete visibility into  and making it faster to get return on investment from your marketing

Marketing automation for centralised brand and communication.

Provide consistent, brand controlled, campaign workflows across your organisation with an easy to use campaign management platform.

Campaign Management Made Easy

Markomi is easy to get started with, is available via pay-per-use and is a low risk,  cross-media campaign management platform you can use to control brand communications across your franchise network or multiple locations, with campaigns managed and deployed locally. 



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Easy to use portal

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Pre defined campaign workflows


Secure, GDPR compliant solution

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Create branded campaigns centrally and deploy locally

Economically friendly

Full statistics on active campaigns

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Cloud based system accessible from all locations.

Marketing Automation for Brands and Corporations

Provide consistent, brand controlled cross media marketing campaigns across your organisation.


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